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The Legend of Rakhmanov’s Springs

By word of mouth » The Legend of Rakhmaninov’s springs

In ancient times, a hunter Rakhmanov lived in our area. One winter he went hunting. While hunting, he ambushed and shot a deer. The wounded deer began to leave. The hunter followed him.

The deer walked for a long time, and the hunter did not lag behind him, both were tired. Suddenly the deer stopped and lay down with his wound on the ground. At first the hunter did not understand what was happening there. Steam was coming from the place where the deer lay down. It turns out that the deer lay down on the springs. Standing higher, Rakhmanov looked at the springs and was surprised. The water in the springs were boiling, and some bubbles were released from it. He forgot about the hunt, amazed by what he saw. After a while, the deer got up and walked into the forest as if nothing had happened. The wound healed, not a trace remained of it.

The hunter looked in surprise, first at the springs, then at the deer. And he didn’t shoot at the deer anymore and let him go. He guessed about the healing properties of these springs. After that, he came to the village and told everyone about his discovery.


Having learned about the healing properties of that springs, people with their problematic diseases began to visit these places. Whoever bathed in that springs got rid of his illness. The fame of the medicinal properties of that springs spread in different directions. Now a sanatorium has been built there and named after the hunter Rakhmanov. The sanatorium is famous for its uniqueness, and people come from all over the world to appreciate the healing properties of the springs. It is located high in the mountains, there is indescribable beauty all around. But this is no longer a legend, but a reality.

Amangzy Beksultan – Illustration to the legend “Rakhmanov Springs”.


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